How to Successfully Market a Landscaping Business
How to Successfully Market a Landscaping Business

How to Successfully Market a Landscaping Business

Picture this, a family just moved into a new home and haven’t met their neighbors yet, but they are in dire need of a reputable landscaping company. The need to “keep up with the Jones’” is in full effect, and they want to do well with that first impression as they are the new comers to the area… what are their next steps? Most people would go online to find a landscaping business. Looking up the company that left the door hanger or business card on their property which doesn’t have a lot of information or even a website. But if they can’t find a decent website that provides them with adequate information for their needs what is left for them to do? Drive around the neighborhood on a Saturday morning to get names of companies they might see? They may end up just doing it themselves. Why not be the Landscaping business that they end up hiring for the job? Be the landscaping business that people can find your website easily and that it provides all of the information that they need.

The importance of Having a Website with a Gallery (show work)

Competition is at an all-time high with the wonderful digital world we live in. Showing your work from the beginning is crucial with increasing potential customers. In regards to a potential customer’s home, curb appeal is the first thing someone sees when they look at a house and homeowners’ value this as they maintain the upkeep of their property. So, when someone is looking for an experienced landscaping company, they want to see that a company is capable of doing a good job. By providing before and after pictures of the jobs your company has completed is definitely the picture that’s worth a thousand words maybe even dollars. Take the time to dive into the photo archives of your business, and highlight some of your most cherished projects. Your website should include imagery within each of the pages, to show your potential clients what they can expect from contacting you for their landscaping needs.

The importance of targeted keywords

What would a potential customer type in the search engine to find your company? Some of the most common keywords are Landscaping, Landscaper near me, Green grass, Curb appeal, but these are just a few targeted keywords which are specific phrases hoping to find a site like yours. So, it’s extremely important to add these words in your website so you can grow your consumer flow like weeds. If you’re looking for a tactic that you can implement today, updating your blog can be a quick win. Write blogs that entertain, educate, and enlighten, as frequent as time allows. The more organic traffic that you are able to gain from your blogs, the better it’ll be for your business’ overall SEO.

Get help from a professional

Just like you are a professional (in landscaping) if you are not sure about how to create or improve your website to get the maximum traffic it can, get a professional that would be able to assist you with this process. Kenny SaySo Consulting offers proven services that has increased the digital visibility of many clients across a wide-array of fields. Get the proper guidance, insight that will help your business grow. Contact us today to learn more!