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Strategy Consulting FAQs

Strategy Consulting FAQs

Why is strategy consulting important?

There are times where a business, no matter how big or small, can benefit from having fresh insight on an ongoing struggle. This can be a lack of new customers, declining revenue, need to expand into new territory, and many other situations. A strategy consultation can assess what has been working well, and what needs a bit of tweaking in your overall strategy.

What makes a strategy consultation most effective is the understanding on what actions need to be taken afterwards. If you are a business owner that is willing to sacrifice a bit of personal time to act upon the deliverables crafted from the consultation, then that is great! Many times than not, the strategy consultant can deliver on the tactics that were discussed on the call, if your budget allows.

What will I get from a strategy consultation?

The two main things you will get from a thorough strategy consultation will be a peace of mind and insight. An effective consultation will include metrics, historical data, and competitive analysis to tell the bigger narrative of a campaign’s success. Ongoing consultations allow for necessary accountability, which is the driving force behind change. Without being held accountable to make changes after a consultation, it will not be as meaningful to the success of your business.

What makes a good strategy consultant?

A good strategy consultant aims to understand your situation as much as possible, before trying to get their own point across. As a strategy consultant, you must have a “seek first to understand, then be understood” approach to each and every project. It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach, and goals from client to client vary greatly! Each consultation should end with a sense of optimism for next steps, and should always be calculated. If you feel as though that time spent on the consultation, would’ve been better spent doing another task, that is a problem!