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Paid Advertising
Paid advertising is an investment

Better Visibility. Better ROI.

Advertising has been around for ages! Businesses of all kinds should consider Paid Advertising in their operating budget, because it will provide a “Competitive Edge.”

SEM, also known as search engine marketing, is a paid marketing campaign through search engines (ex. Google, Bing, etc.). If you’ve ever been on Google, like most people have =), and have seen “ad” appear next to one of the results, that is from PPC/SEM.

Search Engine Marketing campaigns utilizes search engines to reach the targeted audience for your business. This campaign is also known by terms including, paid search ads and paid advertising. One of my favorite features of a PPC campaign is that you ONLY PAY WHEN SOMEONE CLICKS!

Having an SEM campaign for your business can help get you to the next level in a variety of ways. PPC is cost effective, flexible, and can help make your business appear more transparent. This type of marketing campaign will enhance your business’ visibility on the web, by way of paid advertisements. Whenever a potential customer uses a search engine to look for a product or service your business offers, a good SEM strategy will make sure that your product or service pops up on the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Marketing campaigns are utilized by every business imaginable. From Fortune 500 companies, to as small as your local Mom & Pop stores, each and every business can gain from Search Engine Marketing. The differences will come into play from the amount of money invested.

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A/B Testing

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Monthly Reports


Boosted Social Content


Budget Allocation

Key Services

Paid Advertising/Search Engine Marketing can become quite a comprehensive, yet VERY rewarding, strategy in your communications plan. Extensive planning, transparent recommendations, and crafty execution will be given to your campaign to ensure the best possible results! Here are some of the strategies clients have benefited from with their campaigns.

The Process

With each service, the project will begin the same way. Understanding your needs and goals from the very beginning will help me to provide the most effective services for you.


To better understand what you're looking for, I will send over a questionnaire for you to provide initial thoughts and plans.


Once the questionnaire is filled out, we will schedule a phone conversation to discuss the information provided.


After the Consultation, I will craft an elaborate proposal structured around your immediate needs, and other beneficial points to consider.

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