Kenny SaySo
NYC Studio 17 Client Highlight
NYC Studio 17 has been a client that I was able to watch grow from the very beginning. Digital Marketing efforts began as soon as the keys were handed over to the client for the studio. It started with establishing a Google My Business page, and optimizing it as best as possible.

NYC Studio 17 had a website developed soon after, with a more comprehensive redesign established a while later. From the redesign, more digital marketing aspects were taken into account including on-page optimization, alt. text on images throughout the website, link building, and other tactics. NYC Studio 17 does a great job at branding, especially from the artists that frequent the studio. The website provides a hub for quick information that people may need before scheduling their recording session.

As this client continues to grow in many ways, the website will channel that growth in every step along the way. Truly a great example of what persistent content can do!


NYC Studio 17


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