6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use For Online Dating
6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use For Online Dating

6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use For Online Dating

It All Starts With Your Profile

As they say, “first impressions last a lifetime.” This is true with both digital marketing campaigns and online dating. It’s important to have an eye-catching profile with information that keeps the viewer wanting more. Starting the profile text with a question is a quick and easy method to raise the interest of the profile visitor. Just like with digital marketing, having a question that your potential customer has been asking themselves over and over again engages them. We naturally want answers to our questions, so this is a great way to lead people of interest further into your profile. Something either witty or cute can be really effective, such as, “Are you tired of having your time wasted?” “Need someone to binge watch (Insert Netflix Show here) with?” “Tired of drinking Dalgona coffee alone?… Yeah me too!” It’s not only a great way to throw some keywords in there, but it gets straight to the point. The key is to keep the bounce rate low!

Which Keywords to Use

Keywords will always change from person to person, but there are always a few that many people can relate to. It’s important to put things into perspective, and just like a campaign’s keyword research, the same should be taken into account with your ideal counterpart. What are some of the hobbies, traits, foods, or interests that you’d want your connection to have? By including those specific keywords, it gives visitors a clear idea of the type of person you are. If you are annoyed by people who are interested in particular things, it’s best to feature keywords that tell the narrative.

Targeting Your Audience

Targeting the right audience is potentially the most important aspect of online dating. Just like with digital marketing, catching the attention of someone who is not interested in what you’re offering will never end well. Within a few seconds, someone will decide if they want to learn more about a person. A great way to hone in on a “type” is to make your interests apparent through your pictures. Showing yourself traveling, skydiving, and eating at restaurants can attract people who like to travel as well. Wearing a Star Wars shirt will attract other fans that will make breaking the ice that much easier. It is also very important to set an age limitation, along with other filters. This cuts a lot of the fluff, and makes your time searching through profiles much more meaningful.

Sending The Right Message At The Right Time

We all have different priorities, schedules, and availability. Being mindful of when you send messages is important. In the world of digital marketing, you want your consumers to see your message when they are away from other distractions. This will allow them to focus on what you have to offer, and the same goes for online dating. If your match has their occupation listed, it’s a good idea to take that into account for when you time that first message. If you message them when they’re either working or sleeping, they may forget to respond. If they get the message during their free time, then the conversation can flow a lot easier.

Boosting Your Account

As I tell my clients, “sometimes you have to pay to play.” In similar fashion to having a Pay-Per-Click campaign, spending extra money will get you more matches in a shorter time. Online dating can turn into a numbers game really fast, and giving yourself as many options as possible will increase your chances of finding “the one.” It’s a great way to make your profile more prominent for others to see, and can allow others to find you early in their search. In comparison to Google AdWords, people don’t want to spend too much time looking at search results. They want the first three listings that appear to give them what they need, and then their attention is elsewhere. This is certainly the case with many people that are dating online.

Messaging Strategies To Implement

Lastly, messaging strategies should remain consistent and authentic. People do not like to be manipulated under any circumstance. It is easy to identify if someone is deceptive within correspondences, and can cause a match to run for the hills. In digital marketing, companies who remain transparent on their abilities and offers will always do better than companies that attempt to undermine their potential customers. Early conversations in online dating should consist of getting to know how you can make the other person happier. Identifying the type of person that they are looking for, and showing them how you can offer them those exact things. Showing genuine interest in any potential matches will go a long way, and will give you an idea of whether the person is ideal for you. For my digital marketing clients, I want to know their goals, interests, dislikes, etc. early in our relationship. It helps me create the best ongoing approach, and it can work with online dating as well.